posted a year ago
Contract and debt collection
Hi, An ex lover is claiming for the money he gave me while we were in a relationship and won't leave me alone, he requested for his money back and for him to leave me alone we ended up agreeing to drawing up a contract so I can pay his money back and he can stop stalking me , harassing my family and so much more. He recently sent his contract agreement but he made it a debt collection contract which makes it seem like he loaned me the money which isnt the case and I am currently unemployed. I was hoping he would give me some time but its not working out. Is there a way we can solve this issue legally and involve the courts. I can prove that he gave me this money free will and he had never said if we don't work out he wants all of it back. His contract has too many things that I don't necessarily agree with. What should I do?
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posted a year ago
Good day, I would like to assist you on this matter.
posted a year ago
Hi, well it's not as complicated as it looks. First, is it necessary to know if you sign any documents? You agree to sign an agreement, but it does not mean, that you agree to all those unsigned clauses. Where are you located? LM