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Complaints about exploitation threats bullying verbal abuse and sexual harassments
Hello LegaMart, I don't know where to complain to stop these criminal offenses. I am experiencing exploitation, threats, bullying, verbal abuse and sexual harassments. I want to take harassers to court. I would also request compensation. I am scared, humiliated and offended. I am surrounded by a group of gangs. They hacked my mobile, email addresses and social media accounts. As a result, a hate crime has been directed towards me. I was surprised when I found there are online purchases done on my behalf without my consent. Putting into consideration, I am unemployed since 2019. Harassments made me feel distressed and alarmed. They made my life unbelievably just like an endless nightmare. Obviously, they use their powers to threaten me. They are intimidating me here in Cairo, Egypt, Africa. They started spreading untrue rumors about me in Khartoum, Sudan, bullying and sexually harassing me that's why I had to travel. Probably, they came after me. They use psychological violence for unacceptable dirty sexual purposes. The use of threats, force, fraud or a position of authority by the harassers is definitely unacceptable. These are serious crimes. I feel I am so lost. Apparently, they exploit me at somehow! They stalk me on every single routine activity I carry on at my sister's apartment. Consequently, I got injured badly. I was about to die. I had to go to emergency care unit in a medical centre by an ambulance. They are crossing all the lines. They reached to a worse criminal level by sending their children to insult me. Also, one of them threatened me and shouted loudly: "he will beat me if I go out". All day long, they send me offensive messages. This is insane. They made me reach to a point; I don't want to wake up. I am surviving hardly ordeals created by those terrorists' criminals. I am in a danger. It feels like the situation could get heated or violent soon. I can't afford visa fees and travel expenses to migrate from Cairo to a country where I will work and feel secured. I hope my email gets delivered to you. Thanks in advance for helping me. Awaiting your reply. Best regards, Hind
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posted 4 months ago
Hello Hind, I'm really sorry to hear about the distressing situation you're facing. It's important to take immediate action to address these serious issues. I'm not LegaMart, but I can offer some general guidance on what steps you might consider taking: 1. Contact Local Authorities: Report the incidents to the local authorities in Cairo, Egypt. Provide them with as much detail as possible about the exploitation, threats, bullying, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment. They can initiate an investigation into the matter. 2. Seek Legal Assistance: Consult with a local lawyer in Cairo who specializes in harassment and criminal offenses. They can guide you on the legal steps you can take and help you understand your rights. 3. Collect Evidence: Document and collect any evidence you have of the harassment, including messages, emails, or any other forms of communication. This will be crucial in supporting your case. 4. Protect Your Online Presence: Change your passwords for email and social media accounts immediately. Enable two-factor authentication for added security. Report any unauthorized activities to the respective platforms. 5. Medical Attention: If you sustained injuries, continue seeking medical attention and keep records of your medical treatment. This documentation can be valuable in legal proceedings. 6. Stay Safe: If you feel threatened or unsafe, consider reaching out to local support services or NGOs that focus on assisting victims of harassment and violence. 7. Contact your Embassy: Reach out to your country's embassy in Egypt for assistance and guidance. They may be able to provide support or connect you with resources. Remember, these are general suggestions, and it's crucial to consult with a legal professional in your area for advice tailored to your specific situation. I hope you find the support and resolution you need. Take care of yourself. Best regards, Mohamed Aboshanab
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Have you reported the suspect(s) to the police and/or other law enforcement agencies? If you have done so already, you can mail copies of petition(s)/complaint(s) to us for further assistance. If you haven't done so yet, feel free to contact us for further assistance!