Mahdieh Mohammadi
posted 2 years ago
Company registration in UK
Can a Non-UK Resident register an LLC in the UK for doing Online business (E-commerce) in US&UK?
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posted 2 years ago
Hello, As far as I know, here is not any restriction over the nationality of stakeholders to incorporate a company in England & Wales. Nonetheless, you cannot open a bank account unless you got the right to leave in the UK. Further, you need an address that could be handled through virtual offices.
Deleted user
posted 2 years ago
Hello, Yes, a non-resident of the country can register an LLC company for e-commerce. Currently there is no restriction of nationality re registration, however, you have to comply and oblige with the national laws and regulations for companies, as well as, e-commerce. Both differ in US and UK - bare in mind that you do you have to get approval as the colleague mentioned above for FDI policies, as well as taxes and vat. You also must have accounting. The registration process is relatively easy if the documents comply with all regulations. Sometimes they might do a background check of the director or shareholders for security purposes and AML.
posted 2 years ago
Hello Sir, One has to get the approval after complying the FDI Policies and following the mandatory licences and approvals required to be taken as per Industrial Promotion and Ease of doing business guidelines prescribed by Ministry of Commerce and industry in US and UK. Thanking you. With kind regards, S.Venkateswar Patnaik, High Court Advocate, Advocate ER No: AP/2122/2006, High Court of Hyderabad, Telangana State, India Email: [email protected] Mobile No📱📞+918480613309 High