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company registration
1. What conditions and documents are required to register a company in China's free zones? 2. How does the income tax stand in China's free zones? 3- Does the Chinese government grant export promotion privileges to international and non-Chinese companies who are registered in the country's free zones and those export goods they have bought from Chinese producers? 4- In the case that foreigners or non-Chinese individuals start a company in a free zone, what are the requirements for employment, minimum pay, insurance, and taxes for local and international personnel?
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Conditions and documents required to register a company in a China Free Trade Zone The Chinese government has established 21 Free Trade Zones (FTZs), which may have slightly different entry requirements. This email will illustrate the conditions and documents required to register a company in an FTZ, using the China (Beijing) Free Trade Experimental Zone as an example. Step 1, Make sure your business is not prohibited or restricted. You can check the latest Negative List from Chinese government. As long as your business is not included in the Negative List, you are clear for entry and are entitled national treatment. Step 2, Determine the name of the company. Make sure that your company's name is legal and isn’t already exist. After determining the company type, name, registered capital, shareholders and capital contribution ratio, you can go to the administration for market regulation to submit a verification application on site or online. Step 3, Submit the materials. After the name verification is approved, confirm the address information, executive information and business scope and submit the pre-application online. After the online pre-approval is passed, go to the administration for market regulation to submit the application materials according to the appointment time. Step 4, Receive the business licence. Bring the notice of granting the establishment of registration, the original ID card of the person handling the application and go to the administration for market regulation to receive the front and copy of the business licence. Finally, Engrave seals. You can go to the Public Security Authority to designate a seal engraving point for: company official seal, financial seal, contract seal, legal representative seal, invoice seal.