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Company refuses to pay its debt because of sanctions? Is it legal if I am not really under sanctions?
I am an individual that resides and a citizen of Russia and have been doing business with company called Hackerone. It is a company that bridges companies that want to have their security tested and researchers like me. It is like a freelance hub but with focus on IT security. I earn money by submitting vulnerabilities to companies using Hackerone platform and the companies would pay me via the platform and Hackerone would take care of the payments. And I have some money on company's account that belong to me. Since sanctions hit Russia, as I understand, companies that are located in the US are unable to send money to Russia. So I had to change beneficiary status to a resident that resides in the European Union (in Estonia). Neither I am nor the beneficiary is under OFAC sanctions. But the company doesn't respond and doesn't send me the money. I think what they are doing is probably illegal so I seek somebody that could take on the case and represent me in the state of California.
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