posted a year ago
Sharq Novin safety glass company requests cooperation for the damage caused by the cargo imported from Belgium. The description of the situation is as follows: after the shipment of glass cups from Belgium and transshipment in Jebel Ali port of Dubai, during the transportation of the truck that was going to another ship in Jebel Ali customs territory, the truck apparently overturned. and both complete containers were 100% damaged and are unusable. Since then, after many follow-ups from the transport and insurance company, we have not received any documents to report the damage and only a few photos have been sent to us. It should be noted that the mentioned companies do not cooperate at all, and we have not received an answer so far. This incident, unfortunately, in addition to the complete loss of the glass shipment as the main raw material of this company, caused a lot of costs, including the delay of the projects under the contract with this company. Therefore, please give the necessary guidance on how to follow up with the Dubai Customs in order to claim damages from the cargo trailer or introduce a competent international lawyer who can solve the problem.
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posted 2 months ago
To effectively address the damage issue, it is important to collect and organize relevant documents comprehensively and promptly report the incident to Dubai Customs to understand local regulations. It is recommended to involve independent cargo inspection experts for an unbiased assessment. The initial approach should involve issuing a formal demand letter and negotiating with the parties involved. If negotiations are unsuccessful, legal action, such as litigation or international arbitration, may be pursued. For a detailed discussion on how I can assist you in this matter, please contact me at [email protected] or via WhatsApp at +971507024908 to schedule a conversation.
posted 10 months ago
u have to create a lawsuit
posted a year ago
Thank you for your question. To be able to assist you in this matter I will need to review all agreements, insurance documents and relevant correspondence to ascertain the legal merits of the claim