posted 2 years ago
Charge against physical and mental harashment and voice to a 80plus aged lady by her son
A 80plus aged lady mother of 3 sons and a daughter is being harassed by her younger son , throwing kicks and slags at her more often and also threating her ,if she tells it to anyone he would kill her .the sons neither takes any interest on their mothers well being not her responsibility. They only wants the property that remained after their fathers demise and the share of their mothers part .The old lady is physically deformed due to an accident ,allegedly due to sudden fall the very next day she was left to her younger son by her daughter
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posted 2 years ago
the first thing is you belong to which jurisdiction? the laws will be applicable according to that. In general, such harassment is punishable under law. Also under Family law, if the parents are not capable of maintaining themselves, the son has the liability to maintain the parents. property is not required to be given to the son while the mother is alive as it belongs to her on paper. She can call police for help and she can be sent to old age home for safety.
posted 2 years ago
Yes, if there is someone who is witnessing this kind of violence which is going on. They should immediately report the same to the authorities and the authorities shall take the requisite action.