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Challenges & Solution of Getting Copyright in Thailand
By now, it must be clear to you that the issuance of copyright in Thailand is strictly according to the local laws. Additionally, you must be able to understand the inherent challenges in the process. Let us point out those to you: - The Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand amends the IP laws randomly. Therefore, it can be pretty difficult for you to track the updates. - You may not have detailed information about the procedure of a Copyright Application and may accidentally land in front of an irrelevant authority. - Only an experienced Intellectual Property Law practitioner can help you all across the various stages of the application. But finding a reliable and trustworthy one can be a challenging task! - Even if your Mark is eligible for a Copyright, the mode you present it matters a lot to the authority. You may not be able to proceed in the format that is deemed essential by the authorities. This will lead to a series of re-applications. - If you are a foreigner, you need notarization and translation of all the relevant documents. Only a Certified Notarial Attorney has the authority to do so. Being a premium law and accounting firm in Thailand, we have 1000+ local and international clients who got benefited from our elegant services. For your Copyright in Thailand, we can help you with the following aspects: - Start with a Free consultation - Complete the entire documentation for you - Make your application fool-proof to avoid any or all types of rejections - Guide you to the right authority to submit your application - Documentation and legal support as long as you don’t receive your Copyright Certificate in Thailand Isn’t this enough to protect your intellectual property, to develop which you have invested that much time and effort? Feel free to consult us by sharing your requirements at [email protected].
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