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Case against TFL
I recieved court summons viato attend magistrates Court. case against TFL (transport for london). On morning of 4/7/22 was late for work and couldn't find wallet. I picked up a similar travel card wallet at home. Then went to work. On my return I tapped my travel wallet at work location station and I went through barrier, I was stopped by undercover ticket inspector. basically i had taken my father in laws travel pass as I was in a rush in morning. I already notice this on my way into work in the morning. Ticket inspector took card and full personal statement. During conversation Inspector advised i will recieve letter from tfl but make sure I reply or they will prosecute, he advised also fine and court appearance will depend on my job and how much money I earn. I recievd,explain and sent letter. Just before Christmas I revieced this court letter, 6 months after. They did analysis of card and attempting to pin 42 journeys my father in law made on me and saying I have to pay £375.
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