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Can You Open a Bank Account in Thailand with Tourist Visa?
With simply a tourist visa, it is feasible to open a Thai bank account. Note that, the majority of banks that permit account opening with merely a tourist visa are often found in tourist destinations. You might want to visit the banks in the Siam, Silom, and Sukhumvit districts of Bangkok. Also, try to visit Promenada, Central Festival, Nimmanhaemin, and the old town area in Chiang Mai. It is always advised to compare different banks before choosing one. Compare the costs, interest rates, customer satisfaction scores, and account opening procedures at your leisure. Please note that, when selecting a Thai Bank account, there are a few considerations to make. Learn about the Branch Policies of the Bank: In Thailand, a lot of policies tend to be branch-specific. Because of this, just because something doesn’t work out in one branch, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it won’t function in any other bank branches. Know the ATM & Conversion Fees: The ATM withdrawal fee and conversion rate fees are normally exempt if you use the ATM at your bank. Note that different banks have specific policies in this regard. Process of Sending Money Abroad: Each bank has a different set of costs for sending money outside of Thailand. However, no matter how you make the transfer, the majority of institutions in the nation charge a minimum of 150 Thai Baht. Some banks, including Kasikorn Bank, don’t impose a fee if the transaction is completed online. If you are Tourist in Thailand, and is planning to stay long in Thailand, we suggest you to open a bank account in Thailand to prevent paying the exorbitant bank and ATM Fees in your transactions. To know completely about the process, read this - https://www.konradlegal.com/2022/12/27/open-bank-account-in-thailand-foreigners-guide/
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