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posted 3 years ago
Can you copyright reproduced information from an open government licence?
I want to use some of the information from a website that is protected by copyright law. The source of the information is under Open Government License. Can you copyright a reproduced work from an open government licence?
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posted 3 years ago
The National Archives has developed this licence as a tool to enable Information Providers in the public sector to license the use and re-use of their Information under a common open licence. The National Archives invites public sector bodies owning their own copyright and database rights to permit the use of their Information under this licence. The Keeper of the Public Records has authority to license Information subject to copyright and database right owned by the Crown. The extent of the offer to license this Information under the terms of this licence is set out in the UK Government Licensing Framework. This license, however, has an exceptions; Personal data in the Information; Information that has not been accessed by way of publication or disclosure under information access legislation (including the Freedom of Information Acts for the UK and Scotland) by or with the consent of the Information Provider; Departmental or public sector organisation logos, crests and the Royal Arms except where they form an integral part of a document or dataset; Military insignia; Third party rights the Information Provider is not authorised to license; Other intellectual property rights, including patents, trade marks, and design rights; and Identity documents such as the British Passport for more information