Nurul Atikah
posted a year ago
Can someone sue me because I ask for break up
I tried to break with my boyfriend because he regularly abuse my mental health and constantly threatening me that if I break up with him, he will call my parents to tell that we had sex and also he will sue me under civil law because according to him, I have been wasting his time and money all this while.for your reference, I am a Muslim and Malay. So, can he sue me for this? Or can he be sued for threatening me?
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  • Ethiopia
  • Human Rights

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posted a year ago
No other wise you can sue him
posted a year ago
Yes he can sue you. Everybody have rights to approach any court of law. But he definitely cannot succeed in a law suit against you if you have evidence of abuse. This is because you have human rights to resile from unhealthy relationships!