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posted 3 years ago
Can my health care proxy make decisions over the phone?
I'm planning on setting up healthcare proxy paperwork and trying to decide who to pick. I'm in the US, and the person I'd like to pick is in England and can't travel simply. I'm aware that it'll be more difficult for her to get all the relevant information without being at the hospital, however, assuming I'm all right with that: will she be allowed to make medical decisions for me over the phone, or does this have to be done in person? Could a doctor legally refuse to listen to my health proxy over the phone?
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posted 3 years ago
The agent is not required to sign a special consent form in order to make treatment decisions, however, like a patient with capacity, the agent may be asked to provide written consent to treatment. In addition, it might be impossible to confirm the identity of the proxy over the phone call. For more information about the state of NY, check this link: