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posted 2 years ago
Can my former employer enforce a non-compete clause in Dubai?
I used to work for a Dubai company in a sales role. Around eight months ago I resigned, giving one month's notice period, as per my employer's policy. I have now returned to Dubai and am about to get a visa from another company in the same line of business but I will be working as an accountant. My last employer has sent me a notice saying I cannot work for this other firm due to the non-compete clause of Article 127 in their contract of employment. Is this a problem for me or can I now take up this accountancy role for the new company?
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posted 2 years ago
Non-Compete Clause is ment for Presumption of disclosure of any secrets of business by any former employee for a certain period of time. This clause will be invoked only after any breach of the Secrecy of previous company's business came to the knowledge of the Previous company. The list of those should stated in the Non-Compete Clause be known to the Employee also in Written form. You can approach your previous company to get the List of Prohibited stating that the taking up employment is the Fundamental right. Thanking you. With kind regards