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posted 3 years ago
Can I sue my former employer for providing inaccurate informations in the negotiations and then terminating the employment contract when I didn't do anything wrong?
A company was offering me a lower salary than my previous job. Ultimately, following three rounds of negotiation, they gave me an appropriate number that I was able to accept. Before signing the contract, HR informed me that the 401K matching is six percent; however, I later found out that the matching is only "20% of the first 6%". Before accepting the offer, I calculated all salary and benefits to compensate for what I lost if I accept the offer, and came up with a number, which the company agreed to offer me by going over their budget. However, my employer didn't respond positively to my objection and terminated my contract. Can I sue the company for providing misleading info and terminate the employment even when I didn't do anything wrong?
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