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posted a year ago
Can i sue essay writing site
I ordered 3 essay all 3 was very bad and i failed because of these 3 essays I lost 1 year plus £18,000 - what i will have to pay to repeat my year at university This company staff, who contacted me when I ordered the essay, promised me that the essays would be very good and there was no danger that I would fail. I was also told that they’ve had professional British law writers. Which was also a lie, anyone can read all three of my essays who knows even a little bit about law and they will tell that my essay showed 0 knowledge of law. All in all, it was a psychological trauma because I knew I passed because I trusted this site and actually got a completely different result. Thank you.
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Contract
  • Human Rights

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posted a year ago
Hi there, It would be difficult to sue the essay company successfully because in law, you cannot seek justice from an illegality. I presume that your school does not allow buying essays, and no court will give you back your money due to public policy interests. My advice? Don't sue. It probably will just cost you more money and will not end well. Cheers and best of luck.