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Can I sue a company in US even if I'm in Iran
I currently live in Iran and bought a Lifetime VPN service from a company called Spyproof VPN which supposedly does not keep logs. After investigating some more, I found out that the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links had gone missing and before when they did exist, they didn't point anywhere, meaning that they never had them in the start. Recently I de-compiled their VPN Client and saw that they retrieve the HWID which is the processor ID that is unique to every processor, thus allowing them to log all my actions, even though they already have a login + password combination. The password is also sent in plain text with no encryption or whatsoever by the internet, not even https. I then opened a support ticket asking them why were they retrieving that information and today 2 weeks after having opened the support ticket, I tried to log into their service and as it appears, my login doesn't exists. My next step is to go after paypal to start a dispute and then attempt to sue them. My question is: Can I sue them even though I'm in another country? A possible second question would be: Can I sue them for the proof and reasons I have? P.S.: If necessary I can post the pictures where they state that they do not hold logs and the picture of the code from the VPN client where they send the HWID in EVERY request together with the plain text password.
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