posted 3 years ago
Can I handle my own legal problems?
Just a general question, it's so expensive to get lawyers these days and my business isn't making any money. I live in Iraq, can I manage my own legal problems such as customer complaints, land laws etc.
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posted 2 years ago
According to the Iraqi laws , all companies and branches operating in Iraq must contract with a legal advisor from the lawyers registered in the Bar. otherwise, you will expose your company to bankruptcy because of huge amounts of fines that you have to pay to the Bar Association annually Because of not hiring a legal advisor .
posted 2 years ago
According to my experience, companies and persons who are trying to solve their legal problems by themselves are less successful than those who are having a legal advisor, so having a legal advisor might be less expensive than the difficulty, you might confront if you want to solve the problem by yourself. Although you are able to go to the civil court by yourself ,but in criminal court you need a lawyer.