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Can creditor put a account freeze or bank levy on fraudulent transferees bank account
I won judgment against debtor in the amount of $170K, debtor refuses to pay for 7 years Now I find a debtor's past bank account A, I am in the process of put bank levy on this account A. However, if this bank account A is closed by the debtor, and I can trace to a target account B(in the name of a third party) he transferred money to (I can approve His transfer is fraudulent transfer per California CIV 3439.05) , how can I ask court to put a freeze (or levy) on this target account B (in the name of a third party)immediately so as to stop the money in account B be transferred. This is important as I need the court to issue an order to freeze this account B, or issue a Writ of Execution on this account B( in the name of third party) to avoid subsequent fraudulent transfers going on and on.
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