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Can a Christian convert marry a non-Christian girl under Indian Christian Marriage Act?
I am a Christian in India who recently got converted from Hinduism. I am considering the option to get married to her in the Church which I am a member of, but she highlights that the marriage might not be possible since Churches in India allowed marriages between Christians only. However, I was checking the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872 and I noticed that this particular marriage act was applicable even for a marriage where at least one party was Christian. Now she doesn't intend to convert and I don't want her to convert just for the sake of marriage. So I have the following questions: Can I marry her under the Indian Christian Marriage Act or is the Special Marriage Act the only option? My whole family is Hindu and I am the only convert. Will that be a problem for my marriage if I'm allowed to marry under the Indian Christian Marriage Act? What will be the religion of our kid according to the law in India?
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