Tahseen Al
posted 10 months ago
BRP replacement
Hi , I need your advise regard to my case as I submitted a BRP replacement application inside UK ( Leave to enter) and waiting apppintment for fingerprints, unfortunately, I have not change my new address online through home office and the old BRP has old address into database . Please could be advise whether this will imact or effect on decision to approved application and any recommendation? regards
  • United Kingdom
  • Immigration Law

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posted 10 months ago
posted 10 months ago
Hi just to remind you that you should always keep your details up to date with the Home Office especially your address. The difference in address shouldn’t affect your application because your application doesn’t rely on your address but instead the circumstances of why you are needing the replacement. You will need to make an application online to change or update your address though so the new BRP is sent to the correct address.