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Benefits of Board of Investment for Foreign Investors in Thailand
Tax Benefits from BOI Thailand - For a maximum of eight years, the corporation may be excused from paying taxes. - Reduced corporation taxes will also be advantageous to the company. - The majority of foreign companies and businesses that are likely to import machinery and raw materials may be subject to high import taxes. Businesses that submit a BOI application and receive approval are given the leverage to negotiate lower import duty payments. - Costs associated with research and future advancements will also increase as a result of BOI promotion. - Some manufacturing and export charges are waived for foreign businesses that register with the BOI. Non-tax Benefits from BOI Thailand - The possibility to acquire complete ownership of their business is provided to the foreign investor. - They will have the chance to obtain work permits and visas thanks to the BOI promotion. - Additionally, they will be given the chance to own land and property. Promotion by BOI has many advantages. Before registering for a BOI promotion, company owners must have a thorough understanding of a few vital issues. - The advantages of the campaign are intended for selective groups within your firm and are not intended to apply to everyone. For instance, a business that deals with both transportation and software might only be eligible for one BOI promotion. The investment promotion may not be used in the software area if it is offered for transportation. - As soon as they receive the promotion certificate, your company will begin to benefit from the investment promotion. All businesses that have been accepted for BOI promotion are issued a promotion certificate as proof of their approval. - The BOI will give you written notice of every advantage that accrues your business.
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