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posted 2 years ago
Bar prohibits advertisements/promotion in the legal profession.
Philippine Supreme Court/ Philippine Bar prohibits advertisements/promotion in the legal profession. how can we be a member of legal platforms and marketplace
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posted 2 years ago
I appreciate the fact that some jurisdictions, mainly from developing or less-developed countries, still resist any modern presence of lawyers under the guise of prohibition over marketing or sales initiatives of lawyers. We believe it is a very conservative approach to the legal practice and many things would be shaped into something different very shortly. As a legal platform, we in LegaMart always want to help the legal community to have easier access to clients, similar to the way we want clients to have apt access to lawyers who fulfil their needs in the best way possible. Ultimately, the aim of LegaMart is to expand our network of lawyers’ careers, free of charge, in order to procure member satisfaction, in addition to simultaneously increasing the literacy and overall knowledge of their prospective clients. This platform aims to give its lawyers a chance to be introduced without being over-glamourised. Today, it is so arguable for anyone to put a line between the online presence of lawyers and their marketing. If we broaden the construction of an argument that is in a diverse direction to the modern aspects of life and be a pro of old school interpretations, we shortly became a fan of them. I am sure it is not what you wanted. Let me be a bit frank; there is a difference between advertising and introduction. According to Cambridge Dictionary advertising defines as: “a business that makes things known generally or in public, esp. in order to sell them” and introducing is: “to speak or write before the beginning of a performance, programme or book and give information about it; to tell an audience about the person who is going to speak, sing, etc. “ As we all know it costs a fortune for a company, producer… to advertise their goods or services, the producer must first find marketing agencies to make this happen but on LegaMart platform the only goal we have is to make a global closure in our community.