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appeal lawyer
I would like to introduce myself as a lawyer and legal adviser, I strongly feel that I have all the competencies that you are looking for. For the last twelve years I have been as an appeal lawyer from the Egyptian Bar Association Since 04/2017 as I have been working as an Attorney in Nadoury & Nahas Law office. Alexandria, Egypt from September 2008 to December 2009 – Present, I have been working as a Lawyer and Legal Advisor in the legal Department of Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Company, Since December 2011, I start to be Responsible for Contracts Section in The Legal Department, where my main role has been to firstly apply the law to specific situations and secondly to advise clients on courses of action based on their legal rights and responsibilities. and after that I become a Legal Advisor for Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Club, Participate in all the procedures of the Companies Registration, Draft legal papers in the courts and as a legal adviser to the company and Represent My Clients and The Company before Civil, Criminal, Economic and Employment Courts. Apart from my ability to oversee all legal procedures, I am also fully competent in Revising and Drafting different types of English Contracts (Purchasing, Leasing, Contracting) ,Revising and Drafting different types of Arabic Contracts (Sale - Lease - Contracting - Transportation - Sports), Revising and Drafting BID Terms and Conditions whether in Arabic or English and also analyzing complex legal situations or problems and then presenting sound opinions both orally and in writing. I have extensive experience of representing clients in court and presenting and summarizing cases to judges and juries. In addition to this I can expertly carry out research as well as interview clients and witnesses outside a courtroom setting. Best Regards, Moataz Ahmed ELHawawy Appeal Lawyer
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Nice to meet you.