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posted 2 years ago
Antigua Investment: Free Webinar!
Dear community members, We have an offer for you! As you may have heard, LegaMart is hosting a webinar with a highly well-known lawyer, Federico Vassoli, about chances to obtain Antiguan Passport. If you feel that there are prospects in your region for Antiguan citizenship, you can apply to become a contact point for this project in your own region and we’ll tell you how we both can coordinate in this project.. We can also do the marketing for you to give you the video of the webinar with your own language subtitle, We proudly invite you to participate in our webinar, and if any clients you have, who may be a potential client of immigration to Antigua, please tell us for a more detailed conversation. Willing to discuss further? Please Contact us at [email protected]
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posted 2 years ago
Thank you very much Legamart for organising such a great opportunities for the interested parties. I am interested in doing management of Foreign investments in my State by incorporating companies and Management of Companies of Foreign entities, Complying applicable laws for running of companies. With kind regards, S.Venkateswar Patnaik, High Court Advocate, Bhubaneswar, Odisha India Mobile No📱+918480613309