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An accident in Paris restaurant
After the fall I was taken by ambulance to a Paris public hospital. I uploaded the report they gave me. I was in the ER for approximately 12 hrs, they stitched up the cuts above my left eye, took x-rays, and put a cast on my left wrist/arm. They had an ambulance take me back to the Airbnb I was staying in. At one point, someone from the hospital came in and talked to me about needing surgery on my wrist asap, but I didn't want it done in Paris, I wanted to see my own doctors. Over the next 3 days I cancelled all remaining plans and reservations, booked a new flight home for my granddaughter and myself. We left Paris on the 21st. I saw a doctor back home on the 22nd, they took more x-rays and scheduled the surgery on my wrist. I'm still recovering from the surgery, and all the other injuries. The area around my left eye was hit really hard, I had a concussion as well. Would I need to hire a lawyer in Paris to deal with this? I mostly want the restaurant to change that stairwell, it's incredibly dangerous for a public place.
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