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posted a year ago
American Company not a processing the k they owe me
Hi, I am in a situation where I have been using this companies website to get commissions of products they sell by investing my own money. It has got to the point where I have invested 14k of my own money and have made 6k profit, so in total 20k is owed to me. However, the company refuses to release the funds from my account. There has been 8 withdrawals attempts and each attempt I had been advised everything was in check and I will get the money back.
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posted a year ago
Good Afternoon Would you like to schedule a time to discuss your request in more detail? Are you free today or tomorrow? if you’d like to learn a little more about myself or our firm, check out our website or profile on LegaMart. Best regards Maria Elena
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You need to write through a solicitor to the company demanding payment of the amount due to you as a first and very important step. The police and/or other law enforcement agencies should also be involved in the case if there is any threat to your life, harassment or intimidation by the debtor company while the legal procedure to recover the debt is afoot. You can contact us for further assistance in this regard!