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Air Asia unvalid vouchers

During Covid-19, my flights with the airline AirAsia that I had already paid for were cancelled. I was told I would get a refund. Then I was told the company was filing for bankruptcy in Malaysia and I would get my refund or something else after that legal process. Eventually I was issued a voucher for the value of my original tickets that came with stipulations, like it could only be used on certain flights. When attempting to use these vouchers on several occasions for several different flights, the website said it was invalid. I went to the service counter at the airport to inquire there, and attempted to purchase tickets with my voucher with the staff but with no success. I was also told that even if the vouchers were valid they would only cover the flight ticket and not other fees such as the airport fee, even though the original money I gave them was for everything. The company has no proper customer service, which is why I had to go to the airport. After reading posts online of similar stories, it's clear to me that the company has no intention of honoring their travel vouchers and have intentionally given their customers the run around until they give up. Is there something I can do about this to get back the money they stole?

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