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posted 5 months ago
Addressing Deceptive Practices on a Dating Platform

I signed up for an adult dating website and recieved hundreds of messages from women - the conversations are extremely deceptive and it appears the majority of messages are coming from paid actors representing lonely women with an ulterior goal of keeping an individual talking endlessly at $2.50 a message - I would like to know what kind of legal action could be taken to determine the validity of the of the service - it seems to me that if these are actors messaging and pretending to be lonely women this would somehow be illegal - this service is listed as being out of the uk - is there a way to demand proof the company is not paying people a commision to keep people messaging endlessly

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posted 5 months ago
Obtaining money by false pretence and other forms of impersonation are illegal and ignoble. You can consult us directly for full briefing so that the identity of the anonymous platform or company can be ascertained and best legal steps in the circumstances suggested to you in the interest of justice. Kindly click the consult button on my profile.