posted 18 days ago
why should abortions be ilegal
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posted 16 days ago
Yes. Abortion stricto sensu (in its strictest sense) should be illegal. This is because the life of the foetus (the baby in the womb) is different from the life of the pregnant woman. I must however be pointed out that your question appears very academic. Generally, lawyers are not consulted or obligated to answer academic questions. But I had to answer this particular one in the overriding interest of justice because so many lives have been cut short because of misinformation. There is nothing wrong in saving human lives- in fact that should be the priority of lawyers or any other professional at all times. In conclusion, it is safer to tell a lawyer your legal issue instead of asking abstract questions as if you are in a classroom. For further assistance in this regard, feel free to contact us.
posted 18 days ago
I guess because percentage of the USA population believes it is killing a human, even though unborn. They believe even a zygote, virtually a clump of cells, deserves human rights and a right to life. This is a religious and philosophical question. This shows you how secular the USA claims it is, it is highly religious. When Roe v Wade was in effect, the legal test was--abortion was banned after the third trimester of a pregnancy, this basically meant that after the third trimester the baby could survive outside of the womb (viability) with the help of modern science, the baby would just be extremely premature. Therefore, at that stage, the baby would be considered a human and hence given the human fundamental right to life. But for a real answer on this topic, you should consult a religious leader, a doctor or a sceintist. A lawyer has no real business in understanding the real answer to this question.