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Hello, How can Iranian freelancers who are inside Iran do business with European people? There is 2 problems 1. It may not be allowed to send money to Iran through bank to bank and I have to use the crypto payment method. (It ok) 2. If a person in Europe receives graphic design services (such as a ready-to-print business card file) from a person in Iran, has he committed a crime? What if he makes a payment? Is it allowed? such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands - the person from Iran is an individual, not a company. - he don't wanna commit a crime for himself or cause his clients to get into trouble. Thanks.
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posted 4 months ago
Good afternoon There is no problem for an Iranian individual or company to work with a European individual or company. The issue lies in transferring money from Europe to Iran or from Iran to Europe. However, if you have a bank account outside of Iran, the place of deposit is outside Iran, and you can consider your place of business in contracts outside of Iran. Therefore, there won't be any problem.
posted 4 months ago
Hello In terms of your question I would say there is no limitation for money transfering through digital currencies or international institutions. and about your second question it is said that you are able to have any kind of jobs which is not contained criminal issues or activities. Hence, sending a business card could not be considered a criminal act in our country if it does not have any illegal purposes.