Copyright Infringement in UAE

An Introductory Text on Copyright Infringement in UAE

Copyright refers to the form of protection given to authors for their original works, especially works of art and literature, regardless of the manner of expression, purpose, or meaning of such works. Under the United Arab Emirates copyright law(herein referred to as copyright infringement in UAE), authors have the exclusive right to exploit their artwork, transfer all or part of their intellectual property rights over the work to a third party, ...

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Apply for copyright in Italy

How to Apply for Copyright in Italy: A Step-by-Step Guide(2022)

Copyright registration is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to access full protection for your creative work under Italian law. If you are a creator resident and want to apply for copyright in Italy and receive all the benefits of an Italian copyright registration certificate, then settle down and read this article carefully. How to Apply for Copyright in Italy? Globally, the copyright to your work originates from its creation. When you ...

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International copyright law in 2022

International Copyright Law, 2022: Top Shocking Court Cases

International copyright law is one of the major issues in the last decade. Your novel, titled "Sweet Revenge," is about a twenty-five year-old bitter woman seeking revenge on her narcissistic ex, who has custody of their daughter. Three months after it is published and copyrighted in the United States, it is sold over ten million copies and climbed to the top of the list of bestsellers in the New York ...

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