Choose Turkey, If You’re Looking For The Best Place To Ladder Your Business

For investors who seek to get second citizenship along with the formation of their company, Turkey is one of the options that need to be taken seriously. By acquiring a minimum of initial capital, you can establish your company in Turkey and enjoy its growing and diversified market since Turkey is a gateway between Europe, […]

9 Free Online Law Courses to Take During Covid: Make Most of a Bad Situation

legamart- free online law courses - man learning through tablet illustration

Law is a competitive and specialized profession, requiring a lifetime commitment to learning. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have 40 years in the business, keeping up to date with legal advancements is a must. Free online law courses can be a great asset to take advantage of during lock-down. If you’re a lawyer […]

Legal Marketplace | Gain a Worthy Seat in the Online World

Legal Marketplaces: Gain a Worthy Seat in the Online World

Online legal marketplaces mark a novel path to the legal world offering innovative methods in communication, privacy, and case management. Thus, although one might initially pose such a question upon seeking a lawyer, a careful look at the dimensions and benefits of the tech-savvy legal marketplace will leave a client with amazement and certainty in his or her selection.

Legal Community Platforms for Lawyers

A legal community in the UK attending a conference

Social networking services (SNS) are used to establish relations between individuals of similar interests, occupations, or backgrounds. Legal Community In the U.S alone, about 80% of Americans have SNS accounts, yet a distinct and well-functioning community for lawyers is lacking.