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Legal Community Platforms for Lawyers

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Legal Community Platforms for Lawyers

Legal Community
Who Isn’t for Private Legal Debates?

Social networking services (SNS) are used to establish relations between individuals of similar interests, occupations, or backgrounds.  In the U.S alone, about 80% of Americans have SNS accounts, yet a distinct and well-functioning community for lawyers is lacking.


Legal-tech is a market full of potential, yet, due to its young age, it is still highly fragmented. This means that lawyers do not have the leisure of a one-stop visit for solutions to their technological and networking needs. A lawyer might have to use one provider for its document storage while using another for its chat and communication features.

This can leave one scattered in mind and place and is certainly not favored by occupied legal professionals. Due to these limitations and technological gaps, a lawyer might even end up returning to the traditional legal methods which can be detrimental to time and human resources. 


Now imagine an exclusive platform strictly for lawyers where you’d have the opportunity to connect with thousands in your profession. Even better, you’d be able to exchange questions and answers without it being available to the public eye. You’d even have the leisure to securely send and receive important documents. This exclusive platform is not illusory but a reality with the all-new LegaMart™ Community. 


Legal Community Platforms for Lawyers


LegaMart™ Community certainly does not claim that it’s the first in the business, but it proudly states that it is the only holistic legal community platform for lawyers and clients. Similar community services are available for communication between office members in a law firm or legal technological services. The groundbreaking community feature of LegaMart™ has it set all differently. Some of the community benefits include:

  • Attract and gain clients by responding to posted legal cases and inquiries 
  • Engage in cost-free consultations and brainstorms with fellow lawyers 
  • Discuss current events 
  • Join a public debate
  • Establish new and worthy connections 
  • Send and receive documents


Simply put, LegaMart™ has crafted a one-in-all platform in which lawyers can acquire new clients, gain an additional source of income and private network, and share documents with esteemed lawyers across the globe. 

LegaMart™ Community provides users with a private and public space. The public space is open to lawyers and prospective clients, whereas the private community is only reserved for lawyers. This is a great feature for lawyers who intend on keeping their social interactions and questions private and hidden from former and future clients.

This level of privacy is appreciated in leading a debate on a certain legal update or regulation or posing questions about a case that falls outside of a lawyer’s jurisdiction or legal specialty. There is never an unknown but always an answer to be found as LegaMart™ Community successfully links social networking services with legal-tech. 

So, why should a lawyer use a legal community platform anyways? The answer is straightforward: networking and knowledge sharing. As the modern-day functions around connections and personal relations, it’s key to grow a qualitative network of colleagues in times of inquiry or recommendation.

After all, who wouldn’t favor a community that features free and private interactions with the benefit of learning and sharing knowledge on a day to day basis? LegaMart™ Community has once again broken the norm and has brought lawyers a new and worthy community that’s not only between one’s partners and associates but a bond between legal colleagues worldwide. 

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