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A family completing their last round of applications for International adoptions in EU

International adoptions: Non-national adoptions in EU without parental consent

Table of ContentsIntroduction Definition of International Adoptions in EUInternational Adoption in EU CountriesEU countries With the Easiest Countries for International AdoptionLegal Issues Related to Non-National Adoptions in the EU Without Parental ConsentConventions Related to International AdoptionsConclusion Introduction  In 2004, 22,884 children were adopted internationally, with South Korea having the most adoptions worldwide. Many countries under the European Union have now signed agreements with countries where people can adopt orphaned children easily. In this article, ...

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The parties shaking hands after drafting the clause of Choice of Law in Shipping Contracts

What Factors Determine the Choice of Law in Shipping Contracts?

Introduction Modern economies are reliant on the shipping industry in many ways. Much of the world's goods are carried by ships, which makes the choice of law in shipping contracts critical. It is usually a good idea to have an airtight shipping agreement or shipping contract in place, whether you're a business that offers shipping services or you need to locate someone to help you ship your items.  These agreements outline the ...

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Using cryptocurrencies for international payments

Using Cryptocurrencies for International Payments to Circumvent US Sanctions

Foreign online stores do not accept Paypal and credit cards if you live in one of the almighty US's sanctioned countries. That's not just a problem for you; that's a problem for your distant cousin who lives in Chile and desperately wants the 2-year-old, $200 version of Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy Colour she saw on eBay.  It is where cryptocurrencies come in. Using cryptocurrencies for international payments allows you to ...

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