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The Scope of Authorities of Directors Under Iran Company Law

Are You Aware of the Powers and Duties of Company Directors in Iran? Directors play not only a significant role in managing the companies, but they act on behalf of the companies. Iranian legal system has adopted two different approaches to the debating topic of authority of the directors in the Commercial Code and the Amendment Bill to the Commercial Code. Here, these two approaches will be discussed briefly.  What Is the ...

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How to invest in Iran illustration

How to Invest in Iran 2021 – Exciting Changes in Iranian Investment Framework

The Iranian government has launched some schemes for foreign investment attraction. How to invest in Iran using these new schemes would depend on the preferred route of action for any investor interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. According to Iran Business Law Handbook, “projects financed by foreign investors through Buy-Back arrangements, BOT,  BOOT schemes, or any project financing mechanisms are not subject to restrictions related to permissible foreign shareholdings”.  But ...

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Investment opportunities in Iran are on the rise

4 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Iran

The government of Iran tends to offer privileges to companies who create job opportunities and transfer technology and are active in exporting their products from Iran. Iran's competitive advantage in this regard is that it can be used as a launching pad for expansion into the other Persian Gulf States and Central Asia.

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