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Using cryptocurrencies for international payments

Using Cryptocurrencies for International Payments to Circumvent US Sanctions

Foreign online stores do not accept Paypal and credit cards if you live in one of the almighty US's sanctioned countries. That's not just a problem for you; that's a problem for your distant cousin who lives in Chile and desperately wants the 2-year-old, $200 version of Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy Colour she saw on eBay.  It is where cryptocurrencies come in. Using cryptocurrencies for international payments allows you to ...

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US sanctions on Russia

US Sanctions on Russia: Energy Payments and Internet Services

Introduction The United States has reiterated its commitment to sanctions against Russia for one year but said it will provide exemptions for "certain transactions." These involve Russia's energy sector and the maintenance of internet infrastructure.    How do the sanctions exemptions affect ordinary Russian citizens like ivan (our case study)? As the CEO of a Russian oil and gas company during the war, Ivan witnessed how new sanctions on Russia ruined his ...

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