How Does Italy Protect Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property: Protection in Italy?

Intellectual Property in Italy Italy protects the intellectual property (IP) of both its citizens and foreigners. The question, "How does Italy protect IP?" has been ringing in my head since what turned out to be the most memorable day of my life. I had checkmated my brother's friend, Giovanni, for the third time that day. I didn't know his age, but I guessed that he was about ten or eleven years ...

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Copyright infringement

5 Tips For Copyright Infringement: Social Media Channels

“I had purchased a cosmetic product a few months back from a company on which I have written an article and given my reviews on the product and published the article on my personal blog. I have been posting articles that were wholly written by me. However, after some days of posting the article, the cosmetic product company reposted my article on their official Facebook page in order to advertise ...

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