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Patent validation

A Quick Guide on Patent Validation in the US

Are you an inventor/creator who loves inventing new things?  Then, it is inevitable that you haven't dreamed of getting patent validation for your invention at some point in your life. Having exclusive ownership of your invention is not only the last step in the invention process but also works as a long-term protection measure. So, here’s a quick guide on patent validation in the US, that covers the major aspect like ...

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Trademark availability

How to Check the Trademark Availability for Registration in UAE in 2022?

UAE. A country known for luxury living, the fastest growing economy, and is now on the path to becoming one of the world's commercial hubs. In the wake of this commercialization, the number of brands and eventually trademarks has grown exponentially, and therefore, people find it difficult to decide which trademark to use for your brand. Here’s our complete guide on how to check the trademark availability for trademark registration ...

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How Does Italy Protect Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property: Protection in Italy?

Intellectual Property in Italy Italy protects the intellectual property (IP) of both its citizens and foreigners. The question, "How does Italy protect IP?" has been ringing in my head since what turned out to be the most memorable day of my life. I had checkmated my brother's friend, Giovanni, for the third time that day. I didn't know his age, but I guessed that he was about ten or eleven years ...

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