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From Conflict to Cooperation: Your Quick Guide on Child Custody

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    The family regulations in Turkey give rise to a range of rules and procedures for children when the parents decide to get divorced since the parents have a custody right of a child till the child reaches the age of 18 years. Interestingly, Turkish law mainly envisages giving custody to one of the parents if the child is born during the marriage and to the mother if the child is born outside of a marital union. However, other factors also influence the decision-making of the courts, primarily since the law in Turkey comprises a wide range of factors that can affect the final decision of the court. This e-book explores those factors and provides a complete breakdown of child custody laws in Turkey in various scenarios.

    The e-book focuses on the following;

    From Conflict to Cooperation: Your Quick Guide on Child Custody
    How is custody given to a spouse?
    Joint custody in Turkey
    Custody modification or a Custody Disentitlement Case
    Situations when custody is not given to the mother
    Child support calculation in Turkey

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