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Practical guide to employment-based visa to the US

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    Working and living in the US is a dream for most of us, whether experienced professionals or new entrepreneurs. However, most of us become hesitant when it comes to applying for employment and business visas as, at first glance, immigration seems complex and uncertain. But don’t worry! This detailed e-book will help you through employment-based immigration. This e-book will provide the information and procedures you need to get started.  The e-book discusses employment-based immigration permits at length that covers the H-1B visa, L-1 visa, and EB-5 visas, which are centric on skilled workers, intracompany transferees, and entrepreneurs and investors, respectively. 

    The e-book focuses on the following;

    Practical guide to employment-based visa to the US
    Eligibility requirements
    Labor Certification
    Types of Employment-Based Immigration Visas
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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