employment law of Iran

Iran Employment Contract: Everything You Should Know

An employment contract can lead to a lot of disputes between the parties. This information is vital for both parties, employees and employers. These agreements will safeguard your position; hence, here is a brief overview of the issues that need to be included in the contract. The comprehensive Labor Law covers all labor relations and employment contracts in Iran, including hiring local and foreign staff. The Labor Law provides an extensive ...

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Investment opportunities in Iran are on the rise

4 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Iran

The government of Iran tends to offer privileges to companies who create job opportunities and transfer technology and are active in exporting their products from Iran. Iran's competitive advantage in this regard is that it can be used as a launching pad for expansion into the other Persian Gulf States and Central Asia.

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UK Chancellor In Support Of Self Employed Citizens - Self Employed Business in Labor Law

Measures Taken By the UK’s Chancellor: Self Employed Business

COVID-19 has taken over the globe drastically and has affected people from all walks of life. There are several laws coming into effect to provide some kind of relief to the self employed citizens to deal with the COVID-19 issue in a better manner. With recent pandemic, most of the individuals, decided to run their own self employed business, so if you are a UK citizen, not only there is no ...

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