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How to Sue Someone Abroad

Being a part of a lawsuit can be stressful and frustrating, especially if that lawsuit is happening in a foreign country. In this situation, everyone wants to have a reliable, hardworking lawyer who fights ardently on their behalf and mitigates the risks of a foreign lawsuit. With this in mind, finding and hiring a lawyer in another jurisdiction is even harder regardless of the type of legal service desired (case review or legal advisory). So, the real question is: what do you need to look at when suing someone overseas?

What kind of lawyer do I need?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of lawyer do I need to help me with this case? This requires you to identify the type of case you have and the field of law in which you need to find a lawyer. Regarding international litigation, the fields that are the most common include, but are not limited to:

  • Business/Corporate Law: Corporate law is the branch of law that encompasses cases dealing with corporations and businesses, and those persons who work for them. Corporate lawyers would thus handle cases involving subject matters such as mergers, internal reorganization, liability, or intercorporate disputes. If you want to establish a business or obtain a license in a foreign country, you would need a corporate lawyer.
  • Immigration Law: Immigration lawyers aid clients who are going through the process of naturalization. This would include those seeking foreign asylum, or individuals who have entered the country without legal authorization.
  • Personal Injury Law: Personal injury law encompasses those cases that deal with any physical or psychological injuries as a result of any kind of wrongdoing or malpractice (either intentional or unintentional). Examples would include getting injured while in a foreign country or even motor vehicle accidents on foreign soil.

Moreover, you must identify whether or not you need a foreign legal consultant or a lawyer licensed to practice law in a specific jurisdiction.

How can I find a good lawyer ?

You have identified the kind of lawyer that is most appropriate for your case. Now, how can you find reputable and reliable representation in another country? Take into account the magnitude of the situation: you are not familiar with the legal system of the country nor do you have any information about the network of lawyers in that specific jurisdiction.

So, finding a competent representative that you can trust to properly handle your case is crucial. Giving power of attorney to an overseas lawyer requires much more than a simple Google search. Trust is built off of more than a few polished reviews and a nice picture. Moreover, since you will disclose many facts about your life, privacy and confidentiality are key elements in your search.

The solution: first, check the regulations of the foreign country concerning attorney-client confidentiality and then do a thorough check of whomever you choose. You can also look at the highly qualified lawyers that are a part of our very own community here at LegaMart in our advocacy section.

Can I find a good lawyer quickly and easily online?

Hiring the right person for your case increases the chance of a successful outcome and puts you on the best path to move towards the best results. You may speak with a friend or family member who knows a lawyer who has had a similar case, but word-of-mouth referrals cannot meet all of your needs because each case is unique.

One of the innovations in the legal-tech sector is referral platforms. These platforms can provide the opportunity to search for lawyers in different jurisdictions across the globe. You can explore a number of legal service providers who are versed in handling all types of legal issues.

You can also have free initial consultation through the internet with the lawyers before hiring them. Thus, you can make sure that the lawyer can sufficiently handle your case.

How can I pay my lawyer after I have hired them?

Financial issues, billing schedules, and, primarily, price transparency all matter. Even when individuals are looking for a reliable lawyer locally, they will receive different rates. This problem can be worse when you are unfamiliar with the rates in a specific country.

Since your options are limited, you would not receive competitive quotes. Also, some lawyers may expect to be paid in advance. Be wary of this because sometimes there will not be a refund policy. It is best to request an estimate of the total hours and costs first and then discuss the expected method of payment.

How can I communicate with my lawyer if they are overseas?

The main issues with legal proceedings taking place in foreign jurisdictions are language barriers. If you are not fluent in the language in which the proceedings will be taking place, be sure to choose a legal representative who is. Furthermore, in addition to knowing the language of the court, they should also know your own language as well so as to advise you understandably and effectively.

Moreover, an international case requires an ample amount of communication between the attorney and the client. If there are any new developments in your case, you should inform your attorney immediately. This helps them represent you more efficiently. Therefore, it is imperative that you and your lawyer establish a set method of communication so that you can both be reached as easily as possible, be it via email, phone, or even fax.

How do I proceed to sue someone overseas?

After taking all of these questions into consideration, the next logical question is how to move forward with your lawsuit. The answer is simple: you can either book a consultation to have a lawyer look at your case or you can directly hire an attorney to represent you in court. They will then help you on the next stages of your legal journey.

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