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Free 15 minutes talk with a paralegal about your international legal matter, with a 100% service satisfaction guarantee, just one click away.

How it Works?

On LegaMart, the only global legal marketplace, we facilitate access to vetted and assessed international lawyers for people in all nationalities, languages, and economic backgrounds in a few easy steps.

Request Submission

That legal headache you’ve got overseas isn’t going away, is it? No worries. We get your back. Just fill us in with the details, submit your request, and get your tracking code. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Case Review

Ding! We’ve got your request. It’ll take us less than 48 hours to review and analyze your request. We’ll get in touch and give you a clear path forward. We’ll find you the lawyer you need based on your case.

Get Free Advisory

Let’s say you need more than a path, and a helping hand to guide you through it. You’ll get a free advisory session with our experts and then decide if you want more help.

Pick Your Lawyer

If you want to, we’ll propose the lawyers best suited to your case needs and you can have your pick. Choose the lawyer you want and need, in any location and price range who speaks your language and get continous support and advice from them.

Hire the Best

Hire the lawyer you’ve found best. We’ll observe the whole process and interactions, and ensure the best quality of service. We’ve got a 100% refund policy, and are insured by Hiscox up to 1,000,000 Pounds.

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Quick Questions

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