What is Legamart?

Legamart is an online legal services ecosystem that helps applicants, including legal professionals and non-legal users, find and hire lawyers and subsidiary necessary services in foreign jurisdictions. We are not a law firm, we are a technology company and all legal services are provided by participating lawyers.

LegaMart™ was established in with the aim of building trust and transparency in the legal marketplace. Our founders recognized a problem and saw it as a personal goal to address. With the creation of an online platform, aiming to connect clients with legal professionals across global jurisdictions, we have not only facilitated the process of finding a lawyer but also managed to bridge gaps present in the legal-tech industry. 

Our platform was built with both lawyers and clients in mind. As a client, you are able to find a trustworthy and credible legal professional in any geographical location. As a legal professional, you are able to expand your clientele and gain international recognition. We are your helping hand on both sides of the pyramid.

Consumers get access to:

–    Free legal consultation

–    Access to legal advice in different jurisdictions

–    High quality of services

–    Low prices

–    Choice, with the ability to choose a lawyer based on price, star ratings and experience

For participating attorneys we provide:

–    Lead acquisition (new clients)

–    E-billing and online documentation

–    Scheduling features

–    Networking with other lawyers

LegaMart™ Community consists of a private networking space only accessible to lawyers and a public networking area accessible to all users.

The public community is an arena for clients to post legal questions based on a specific practice area and jurisdiction. It is a free exchange of feedback from trusted and verified  LegaMart™ legal professionals. All inquiries will be stated anonymously without any privacy violations. This is a great space for familiarizing oneself with potential legal professionals prior to hiring them on a case.

The private community is a virtual hub reserved for verified LegaMart™  legal professionals. It is a space to communicate with colleagues and acquire a second opinion on legal matters or cases that fall outside of one’s jurisdiction. This is not only an educational environment, but one that allows for the expansion of one’s professional network.

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