How to Recognize the Best Legal Blog?

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Having a digital footprint in this era, especially after the pandemic, is inevitable in each business, and legal professions are no exception!

In this written matter, we will introduce how to recognize the best legal blog, some of the top legal blogs available on the web, and how to publish your ideas, thoughts, and experience, engage and communicate with your colleagues worldwide in different legal areas.

3 Tips to Recognize the Best Legal Blog

A law student checking various websites to recognize the best legal blog

The best legal blogs should be the first informative, comprehensive articles written by professionals in the legal industry. 

The best legal blogs also regularly update their content with new content and regulations, and they consider and observe old articles to be updated regularly to stay relevant. While neither you nor your clients should rely on a blog to give you legal advice, legal blogs can provide general insight and guidance to legal clients and legal professionals. 

Last but not least, never forget how significant your digital footprint is in the era when everyone first searches for their issues online, so the first Impression can help you and your possible client A LOT!


With a wide range of legal fields and various jurisdictions, LegaMart can be the best choice for you, wherever you are and whatever your legal field expertise may be. Plus, in LegaMart, you can facilitate your legal profession. LegaMart eases and quickens the process of finding a reliable and experienced legal professional for clients, which can be possible by publishing blogs and written issues there. LegaMart constitutes and firmly abides by the principles of trust, transparency, fairness, competence, universality, and professionalism. In the world of legal operations, there’s no excuse, and we’re here to handle it all on a safe and trusted journey. 

So you both improve your legal digital footprint and present yourself there as a lawyer simultaneously.

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Many lawyers prefer to stay within their comfort zone once they are experienced enough in a field of practice and get a stable position in the legal environment. Kevin O’Keeffe wasn’t one of them. Fourteen years into his professional career as a trial lawyer, he decided to start fresh and fulfill his idea for a legal tech startup. He believed every lawyer should have a blog, so he started a new enterprise to help lawyers represent their professional picture in the online society.

For this purpose, O’Keeffe first launched his idea from his house garage, where he used to make blogs for other lawyers. Thus, LexBlog was born. Soon this business grew into one of the leading platforms for legal bloggers, with more than 25,000 bloggers working for the most reputable lawyers and law firms inside and outside the US. Today, LexBlog provides professional tools for lawyers to start their blogs and also supports and guides them through a legal community and weekly podcasts.

Kevin O’Keeffe is not the only professional lawyer turned into a legal tech entrepreneur working for LexBlog.


Clio’s cloud-based legal practice management software helps legal professionals run their firms, organize cases, and collaborate with clients, all from one central location. The Clio Blog is a trusted resource for the latest ideas on running a more efficient, profitable law firm. Clio’s legal blog offers innovative ideas and new solutions to age-old hindrances. You’ll find great reads about disrupting the traditional way of doing business, including modern marketing best practices and how running a client-centered firm can benefit you, your teams, and your clients.

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Altclik is a marketing agency specialized in providing law firms and legal professionals with communicational advantage within the legal community. The team in Altclik consists of lawyers, marketing specialists, designers, and writers who are trying to use innovation in the digital world to develop legal businesses and expand their market reach.

This team offers clients several services, including website building, SEO, content writing, social media management, and branding. Their ultimate goal is –in their own words- “to bring a digital revolution to change the law and legal reality of today and the future.” From this perspective, what Altclik do, is one of the most innovative ways for lawyers to use their skills as the initiator of a business and an entrepreneur.


The legal world is filled with opportunities for novelties and the introduction of innovative business practices. It just takes courage and an optimistic view of new ideas to start something unique and step a foot on the path of entrepreneurship.

As mentioned in the introduction, as a legal professional, you must boost your digital footprints by publishing articles and blog posts to be seen and present yourself and your field of area. So we highly recommend you to publish on a platform where you can both write and let the client know that you are the BEST choice for them to make their claims, your call!

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