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COVID-19: IRCC’s Good Faith

As if COVID-19 (Coronavirus) wasn’t doing enough damage, hundreds of visa applications and travel plans to Canada have been put to a halt. Yet, thanks to the understanding and facilitation of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), programs have been put to place for newcomers in accordance with this emergency situation of COVID-19. According to the official website Government  of Canada,  IRCC has put special measures in place to help, if: you’re a ...

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Legal Tech Works Amidst Corona Outbreak

As lawyers know, the obtainment of a court date and appearance along with filing applications is already hard enough on normal occasions, but it has taken on an extra toll amidst the widespread Coronavirus outbreak. Just by speaking to a few paralegals and lawyers, a sense of communal frustration has been expressed as a case of cancellations or court and legal bureau shutdowns. So what happens to a lawsuit or an ...

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Want to Study in Canada?

Are you looking to study abroad and in particular in Canada? If  you are  planning to continue your education in Canada, you have to keep in mind that a study permit is needed which has its own lengthy and detailed procedures. A quick ,easy, and informative guide has been prepared for all you Iranian students who wish to immigrate abroad. We know the value of time, and have made it short ...

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