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Legal Technology Trends in 2022 that Shape Law Firms

Regardless the traditional way that law firms manage themselves, Imagine how legal technology can affect the way that law firms can be managed;Will they still hold the meetings in person, will they need to use in person meetings to consult them? How about the ways that contracts will be drafted? How can a lawyer present himself in the new era and be a successful lawyer in 2022? So THE million dollar ...

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LegaMart: Best Place to be Recognized Internationally

LegaMart has made a special place for lawyers and legal professionals to publish their thoughts and articles in order to communicate with others and get recognized in the international Legal market.Here in LegaMart, we value your writing and assure you it will make a great public image for you and increase the chance of your personal branding through a reliable window called LegaMart’s blog! Just send us your thoughts, we will ...

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Nettleship v Weston Case | Learning in Court | LegaMart

Nettleship v. Weston Case

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ever had an accident while taking driving lessons? Is there any probable chance that you might face legal charges? What is the specific law referring to such situations? Will the court hold you liable for such accidents if you are still learning? The Nettleship v Weston Case answers all of these questions and more. What was the Nettleship v. Weston Case? The question in ...

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