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How to Obtain a Canada Visa for Brazilian Citizens?

An approved visa application for a Canada Visa for Brazilian Citizens

“I have completed my law degree in Brazil, and now I want to pursue a master’s in law. I have taken suggestions for where to pursue my master’s from my teachers and some of my friends, who advised me to pursue a master’s in a Canadian law school. However, I don’t know the requirements and procedures to obtain a Canadian Visa as a Brazilian Citizen.” 

Are you wondering the same thing? Not to worry, let’s explore the requirements and procedures to obtain a Canada visa for Brazilian citizens.  


Are you planning to apply for a Canadian visa? Then, first, you need to identify the cause of moving to Canada to apply for the correct visa application because there can be 100 visa applications; hence, it’s best to determine your purpose for moving to Canada before applying for a Canada visa as a Brazilian citizen. 

For instance, if you plan to study in Canada, you must apply for a student visa. The requirements for the study permit will be pretty different from the work permit application. 

Since you must know that visa requirements are different for different countries, this article will only deal with the Brazilian citizens planning to apply for a Canadian visa and address the needs, application procedure, and the types of Canadian visa applications available for Brazilian citizens. 

What are the Requirements for a Canada visa for Brazilian citizens?

Any Brazilian citizen who wishes to travel to Canada by air must hold a valid passport and an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)  permit for successful Canada visa application for Brazilian citizens. 

Some of the basic requirements for applying for Canada Visa for brazilian citizens has to be fulfilled before applying for an eTA permit are as follows:

  1. Applicant must hold a valid passport. 
  2. You need to ensure that you provide an e-mail address that is active in use because you will receive the eTA permit application via e-mail. 
  3. You must not have any criminal record and must provide proof of the same. The non-serious offense is not taken into account while filing the visa application. 

The points mentioned above are only the basic requirements for any traveler. However, if your application is not transparent, you may be asked for additional details and documents. 

Unlike other countries, if you’re traveling to Canada as a Brazilian citizen, you must obtain a Canada ETA permit. The Canada ETA permit is available for around 50 countries, and Brazil is one of them. Additionally, a Brazilian citizen must meet other requirements, such as:

The Brazilian citizen must have held a Canada visa in the last ten years OR a non-immigrant visa in the USA. 

Once Brazilian citizens meet these requirements, they can easily file for an ETA permit through an online application. 

What is the Process for Applying for a Canada Visa for Brazilian Citizens?

As said above, there are around 100 types of Canada visa applications for Brazilians to travel to Canada. Therefore, the process of applying for the same can vary. Here are the main ways of moving to Canada: 

ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization): This type of permit is required only for persons who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents or who don’t usually need a visa to travel to Canada by air. If you fulfill the above requirements, then you are eligible to apply online for an eTA permit. Follow the below steps:

  1. You must have the required documents, such as a valid passport, an active e-mail address, and additional requirements. Further, provide your data in the online application form and the purpose of your visit to Canada.
  2. The fee of $7 CAD needs to be paid once all the required information has been completed.
  3. You will receive the ETA at your provided e-mail address within 72 hours of the application. 

Student Permit: Canada has some of the best colleges and universities, encouraging students worldwide to pursue their education. The student visa for Brazilian Citizen duration will last till your course program ends, with 90 days extra time to look for employment opportunities. 

It’s your choice by which method you’re applying for a student visa for Brazilian citizens; you can either apply through mail or online. The student permit alone isn’t a visa. So, once your application gets approved, you’ll receive an ETA.

Work visa: Whether you’re a Brazilian citizen or not, you still need to get a work visa to work and live in Canada.

The two types of work permits are:

  1. Employer -Specific work permit: It allows a Brazilian citizen to work in Canada only under specific conditions, such as limiting the worker’s position and the number of employers.
  2. Open-work permit: An open work permit is known for the freedom it gives to work permit holders. While the other work permit is limited to a specific employer, an open work permit allows a Brazilian citizen to work for any employer in Canada and are free to move from one location to another due to their work.

Permanent Resident Visa: Unlike other types of Canadian visa for Brazlians, applying for a permanent resident Canada visa for Brazilian citizens is not easy. Although there are several programs in Canada for potential foreign workers to allow them to work in Canada as permanent residents. The most significant program is the Express Entry system which is an online immigration system that allows foreign nationals to work and get permanent residency through three different programs, they are

  1. Federal skilled worker program
  2. Federal skilled trades program
  3. Canadian experience class

Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Express Entry Program, your profile will get reviewed with the other candidates. Accordingly, you will be given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, further determining your chances of acceptance. If your score meets the required score, then you will be allowed to apply for Canadian permanent residency. 

Tourist Visa: If you want to visit Canada as a tourist, you must apply for a tourist visa for Brazilian Citizen, which will last 180 days. The applicant must present 12 documents to apply for a tourist visa. 

To apply for a tourist visa:

  1. Brazilian citizens can go to the nearest embassy to get a visa for Canada.
  2. Fill out the application form for a Canada visa for Brazilian citizens.
  3. Once you fill it out, you are required to provide the necessary documents along with your passport and pay the fees and submit the visa application at the Embassy of Canada.
  4. You will receive your visa in the mail if your application is approved.
  5. You can then collect your passport from the Embassy of Canada and freely travel to Canada.

What Documents are Required to Apply for a Canada Visa for Brazilian?

The basic documents required for the Canada visa for Brazilian citizen are:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Application form for Canadian Visa
  3. Proof of a clean criminal record
  4. Proof of payment of fees
  5. Get a medical examination and submit proof that you’re in good health
  6. Photographs
  7. Proof that you will return to your home country once the visa expires
  8. Your identity document
  9. Proof of your financial means.
  10. You must write a cover letter that explains your purpose for traveling to Canada. 
  11. Letter of recommendation/invitation/support (if any)

There are some other essential documents required for a Student visa and Tourist Visa, such as:

Student Visa documents

  1. The acceptance letter from the designated university or college
  2. A valid passport
  3. Proof of financial means shows that you can finance yourself and your family members while living in Canada

Tourist Visa documents

  1. Application form
  2. Health document
  3. Valid passport
  4. Vaccination document (according to the COVID-19 protocols)
  5. A cover letter that describes the purpose of traveling and the details of the family members traveling with you
  6. Employment details
  7. Proof of financial means such as bank statements, tax returns, and other financial documents

What are the Fees Associated with Getting a Canada Visa for Brazilian?

Canadian Visa  Fees
Student Visa (include extensions) $150 CAD
Work Permit (include extensions) $155 CAD
Open work permit  $100 CAD 
Permanent Resident Visa $1325 CAD ($825 CAD is for the processing fee and the permanent residence fee is $500)


As we can see, for a successful Canada visa application for brazilians, you need to find the purpose of your visit to Canada. There are several visa application types, each based on your purpose of living in Canada. Therefore, it’s essential to determine the same before filing, as it determines the path you’ll have to follow to get your Canadian visa approved.

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