Trademark Business Name in the UK, Why?

Trademark Business Name in the UK; Reasons and Benefits

Business Name as a Trademark A business name is simply a company’s officially registered name, whereas trademarking a name means a way to legally protect the business name and prevents the business name from being used by the other competitors in the market.  When you start a business for the first time, it’s essential to know why you need to register your business name and how to protect your business name. The Right ...

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Benefits of trademark name in UK

Discover Benefits of Trademark Name in the UK

Trademark Name “I want to start a business in the UK, for which I have decided a name for my business, but I’m unsure of the legal protections for the business name I have chosen. Can a name be trademarked in the UK ? Does trademark registration prevent trademark infringement of business names ? Or, Will it provide any kind of help for the growth of my business ?” What is ...

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