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Nafiseh Moarefi

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15 years
Licensed Lawyer

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Ms Nafiseh Moarefi is a qualified lawyer admitted to the Iranian Central Bar. She is practising law for 12 years now. While she has worked on cases in different areas of law, her career life is mainly dedicated to Family Law and Insurance Law. Therefore, it is not surprising to mention that she has worked as an in-house lawyer at an insurance company for the last seven years. Nafiseh is a caring lawyer who puts the interests of her clients first as much as possible. Working in the field of insurance has made her so into details. As a family lawyer, Ms Moarefi is so careful and touched by the issues which have made her more conscious about ethical matters lawyers deal with every now and then. Nafiseh could be a great lawyer taking care of your family cases. Also, a fantastic match for the legal insurance matters you might have come across.

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